get fit for christmas

We’re coming to that time of year once again where the lights and trees go up, out come the mince pies and out the window goes the exercise routine. Of course that can only be expected with a busy and celebratory festive period, but how can you avoid wasting your hard year of effort in the gym over Christmas?

Reports say that the average person consumes SEVEN THOUSAND calories on Christmas Day alone, ignoring the works Christmas party, Boxing Day and New Years Day, all well renowned occasions to pile on the pounds and neck back the drinks.

The first key to festive period fitness is making yourself available

The lead-up to Christmas is always a busy one, with extra work before the well-earned week off, a Christmas party and trips to the shops for presents, but ‘it’s Christmas time’ is not an excuse!

Ensure you make time for the gym, it may be a busy period but don’t discount the odd half an hour here or there can make, you can lose up to 600 calories cycling at 15 miles an hour for half an hour and they all add up when it comes to tucking into your turkey on Christmas Day.

If anything, go more often for less time and increase your intensity, which will lead you into greater chance of rapid weight loss before the fun begins.

The two weeks prior to the big day are key, as you prepare to take your diet to the cleaners over the festive period, cut out the fat, the snacks and the deserts and concentrate on a low fat diet that should balance itself out when it comes to munching on those pigs in blankets on Boxing Day.

Try avoiding alcohol and coke and try to drink lots of water, which will also help to balance out by the time the decorations come down in early January.

After all, water will suppress your appetite over the winter, as well as speed up your metabolism.

When it comes to your workout routine, cardiovascular exercise is key, but not the be all and end all of the Christmas period. Of course fat loss before Christmas Day is important, but don’t be too keen to put down the weights and head to the treadmill, as a loss of muscle mass will not aid your cause.

You can lose just as much calories through weights as you can on a bike or rowing machine, so make sure you stick to your weights programme. After all, turkey and steak are protein and will go hand in hand with muscle growth, potentially even hire a personal trainer to push yourself before you revel in your roast potatoes.

Enjoy Christmas by all means, but don’t let your year of work go to waste over the festive period, you may even be able to show off come Christmas Day after some pre-Christmas weight loss!