Spa Days

Going to the gym can be a tough gig.

There is a lot involved in making the most of your gym experience, starting with the motivation just to go and that will-power to drag yourself to the gym and exercise when you’re tired or busy or simply not in a very good mood. From there, the commitment to eat well and to plan meals and workouts and the pressure to make time to go to the gym can all make working out on a regular basis difficult.

Yet, when you get past those slight nagging issues, it’s one of the most rewarding and aesthetically pleasing forms of exercise around and can even prove one of the cheapest if you find the right gym. Going to the gym is a lifestyle, of which we all need a break sometimes, right?

To compliment all your hard work at the gym throughout the year, going to the spa is key.

For instance, who knew that a simple massage can lead to the body removing waste products by improving the lymphatic system, aiding your intense weight-loss programme without even moving a muscle? It doesn’t just end there.

Contouring services and body polishing options at spas can regenerate skin cells and make all your hard work pay off with your skin too, something you can’t work on in a weights room!

Spa days relax muscles in order for the muscles to reset and be better prepared for that assault on the cables, as well as ensuring healthier joints by relaxing tendons to release pressure built up through vigorous exercise.

A spa day or break can take your mind off all your stressors, your issues and even the pain from yesterday’s workout and refocus the mind, ensuring you’re ready and raring to get back into the gym and smash out those personal bests you’ve been working on for months on end.

Just by sitting in a sauna or getting a massage, you can improve your body no end just by spending the day at a spa with a friend or partner, and increase your mood with the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that will improve your mood, your social ability memory and sleep function, important isn’t it?

Impact Experiences offers spa days and breaks for incredible value all over the country, for yourself or as a gift to a friend who needs a well earned break.

Don’t knock it before you try…